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Integrate and scale the best media supply chains in the world.


Service Types

Investor Services:

Media technology and operations expertise during diligence.

Operator Services:

Optimize your media supply chain, standardize workflows, and assess for technical redundancy.

Product Services:

Create best-in-class technology and services for your media supply chain customers.

Not sure what an engagement might look like? Send me a note, and let's chat.


Please fill out the form below, or just email me at

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  • Do you always work alone?

    • Not necessarily. I have been working in streaming media for a long time and have a lot of other consultants and experts in my network. I may sub-contract or partner with them if it means the work I do for you will be better for it. ​

  • How do you charge?

    • My rate is based on an estimated number of hours for a project. For larger projects, I reduce the hourly rate in my estimate, but my hourly will be within the window of a senior media executive. For any engagement more than a few hours, I'll schedule time to go through your quote with you to make sure we're aligned.

  • Do you speak at events or on Webinar panels?

    • I sure do - please reach out if anything looks like a fit.

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