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Logo for Integration Therapy

Integration Therapy (IT) is an invitation-only community of content operations leaders, specialists, and partners from studios, media technology companies, and networks of all sizes. 

This is a forum for collaboration on solving common problems related to channels, metadata, partnerships, and other concerns of AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, live, and FAST supply chains.

 I'm excited to share such a supportive community with everyone, and I hope you value it as much as I do. 

All the Best, 

Rebecca Avery

Retro Television Set

Who Should Join

Anyone who considers themselves part of a content operations team for broadcast or streaming, including:

  • Content operations leaders and executives

  • Content QA or QC professionals 

  • Content ops coordinators, interns, and specialists

  • Product managers for content metadata or content supply chain

  • Livestream and FAST channel SMEs

  • Others - Let me know in the application

Apply For Membership

Please take a moment to fill out the form. You'll get an invite for a quick interview if you meet the basic qualifications.

Thanks for submitting!


  • Does this community cost money to join?

    • Nope. This is a free, curated community. Someday, I may offer advanced features of some kind at an added cost, but I have no plans to charge the actual community. Your willingness to join is payment enough, and this community will remain standing as long as I have the resources to support it.​

  • What can users expect to get out of this?

    • I've noticed over the years that a lot of networks and media technology companies have a lot of the same problems to solve. The purpose of this community is to make the whole content operations industry stronger by sharing common solutions that can be commoditized.​

  • What is Rebecca getting out of this?

    • I'm not sure yet. This is something I've been thinking about starting for four years, and it just feels like time.​

  • How long does it take to find out if I'm approved to join?

    • It depends on my schedule, but hopefully you'll hear from me within 3-4 days.​

Integration Therapy Community Rules

1. Don’t be an Asshole. Treat others with respect, kindness, and courtesy. No hate speech, harassment, or bullying will be tolerated. Encourage constructive criticism and civil discourse. If you DM someone a couple of times and they don't write back, don't keep harassing them. Don't tell someone that where they work "sucks." Be nice.


2. Keep it ethical. Ensure all content posted is legal, including no pirated material, copyrighted content without permission, or illegal activities. Your professional NDA is yours to honor, even on my platform. No spamming, advertising without permission, or excessive self-promotion. Respect copyright laws for all posted material. Do not distribute content you don’t have the right to distribute. Respect anti-trust laws and don’t use my platform for conspiracies to create monopolies or control market terms.


3. Stay on topic. If there is something you want to talk about and don’t see a post directly related to it, please start a new post. Don’t hijack someone else’s post in the comments and change the subject. Keep the subject relevant to the channel you’re in. If you don’t see a relevant channel, post in General or ask for a new channel.


4. Respect intellectual property. Respect copyright laws; do not share content that you do not have the right to distribute. Properly credit sources when sharing content. If you’re sharing content on IT that's written by someone else in the (IT) community, it’s best practice to get their permission first, or do it on the same thread as their original post.


5. Protect the privacy of others. Without trust, we don’t have a community. Do your part of creating a safe space by leaving what’s said on (IT) to live only on the platform. See Rule #1.


6. Be an adult. You must be 18 to join. You also must always act at least 18, even if you’re cranky.


7. Respect the moderator. This is a free, curated community that I’m funding for the good of all of us. If I feel disrespected, you can’t commune here. Please be nice to me as if you were visiting my home because (IT) is a part of my digital home, and I have the responsibility to make sure all of my guests are happy, safe, and comfortable.


8. Try to be positive. Do not use this forum to vent the toxic thoughts that stressful jobs put into our heads on the worst days—the rest of this community is also wrangling with their own stressful situations and isn’t here to justify your negativity. See Rule #1.

Please use your best adult judgment when engaging with Integration Therapy (IT) and remember that it’s a small world.

 Violation of the following rules will result in the following:

  • First violation: A notification and deletion of the offending content.

  • Second violation: A warning and deletion of the offending content.

  • Third violation: Deactivation of your account. Please apply again after a minimum of six months.*

*If you commit an extreme, deliberate, or nefarious violation, I may kick you off at the first offense. We’re good people here and only want to commune with other good people.

NOTE: I will be updating these rules as needed, sometimes with little or no notice.

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